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Pygmy Goats are Here!



Meet Buck and Ramsey!  These cute little goats came to Rafter4C a couple of weeks ago and have already weaseled their way into our hearts.  While we wholeheartedly welcome them, the chickens are up in arms!  A few have stopped laying eggs altogether, surely out of protest as Buck and Ramsey took to their food, their roost, and their run.  After some coaxing, they have cozied up to their own accommodations and now call a repurposed play set their home.  And check out this awesome fence my sweetie-pie built right and tight.  Not too shabby!  Thanks babe.



IMG_3392 IMG_3393

When the goats came, they were only 8 weeks old and a little unsure about us.  Now Ramsey will let you hold her for as long as you like.  Buck is still a bit nervous but we have him eating from our hand.  They provide lots of laughs as they amble, buck and head-butt their way around the place.  I let them out to free range for the first time yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised that they stayed close to me and the chickens, never straying more than 100 feet from any living thing.  Buck discovered he loves asparagus from the garden (bad goat!) and cedar trees.  Ramsey wouldn’t leave the chicken food alone so I built a goat-proof chicken feeder.She was none too happy about that!  See her taking out her aggression on the girls in this video.

  Fingers crossed it lasts the head-butts.




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