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Buy Local Honey….please.

honeyWhy buy local honey?  Well, here are just a few reasons:

1.  To be sure you are really getting honey.  We all assume that the honey offered by our supermarkets is, in fact, honey.  Well, not necessarily.  Many manufacturers are filtering the honey of the pollen and beneficial enzymes which results in a product that really is no longer honey.  If you want to be sure you are getting honey, look for raw unfiltered honey.  And never imported from outside the US.

2. Imported honey, particularly from China, has been found to have been diluted with water and/or corn syrup in addition to being filtered.

3. Buying local honey supports our own beekeepers, farmers, and ultimately…the honeybees!

4. The pollen in local honey is, well, local pollen.  The same pollen that triggers your watery eyes and scratchy throat.  Although not scientifically proven, many people swear by consuming a couple of teaspoons of LOCAL honey every day a few months before allergy season will ward off any allergic effects of pollen.  Hey, worth a try!  I will let you know if it works for me this year.

We are still working on establishing our bee-yard.  Once we have strong hives producing an abundance of honey, we will offer our own local honey.  Subscribe at the top of the page to stay informed.

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