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Immediately upon moving to Rafter4C, we knew a coop and hens would be one of our first projects. In February, our good friends would soon be moving so they gave us 8 beautiful egg-laying hens.  Lucky us!  (Thanks KG & family).

8 hens from Kathy G.

8 hens from Kathy G.

In no time we would have chickens so we had to get started on the coop right away.  With the help of our family, we completed the coop and run in a cold and blustery February.

Since then, our group of girls has grown to 18 and counting.  They are so funny…who knew they would have so much personality?  They go crazy for raisins!  Let me tell you…farm fresh eggs are soooooo good.  Nothin’ like what you get from the grocery store.  delicious!  I mean it!

Look for posts that introduce the pecking order of the hens and describe the coop building process.  Lots of pics!

What do ya think?